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About Website Fairy Godmother

I make the Internet LOVE Your Business.

From tried and true homepage strategy to landing pages to social media promotion to the best dang email strategy ever, together, we’ll make you and your business irresistible to your perfect target client.”

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That's Bitmoji me...To meet the real me, keep scrolling.

Website Magic WandTM Services

This is where we separate the women from the "girls". I do business in one way: with a direct, straight-shootin' "failure is not an option" attitude.

There aren't any wrong ways to get the results, just ways that didn't work at that time.

My philosophy is to "KISS" everything. Keep it Stupid Simple.

Keep things so incredibly simple, that your clients will be falling over themselves to work with you.

Stupid Simple HomepagesTM

You have less than 3 seconds to tell your target visitor what you do, how do it, and who you do it for. Homepages DON'T need to tell a visitor about ALL the things you do. KISS.

Stupid Simple Landing PagesTM

I teach you how to build landing pages for your perfect course, coaching program, one-on-one offer -- your perfect client CAN'T resist!

Stupid Simple Sales FunnelsTM

Make it simple for people to spend their hard-earned money with you to solve their problems. Even if it's for a free offer. From the sign-up box to the very last email, we'll make it "stupid simple" for a client to buy.

Stupid Simple Social MediaTM

No more wasting time on posts that don't drive traffic or get people on your email list. My social media motto? If it doesn't make me money -- I'm not gonna do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions really are the ones I get asked the most. Right after being asked "Why are your services so expensive?" No one likes to hear that. Websites and business marketing are a value- and ROI-driven business.

Working with me, you get someone with 25 years experience in knowing what works, what kind of works, what definitely doesn't work, and how to break out of the mold of "doing what everyone else is doing".

I am not tech-savvy. What if I want someone to do this stuff for me?

Hey!  No worries!  I offer Done-4-You service on ALL of my oferings.  However, that said — you aren’t off the hook completely.  You will be required to assist — who knows your business better than anyone?  That’s right.  YOU. Together we will collaborate on every word and image we use to make the internet love you.

"Stupid Simple" kinda sounds a bit mean. Couldn't you call it something else?

Yeah, I could have gone with “Super Simple” but that was already taken.  “Super Simple…” has been done by just about everyone under the sun and quite frankly, I don’t go by the rules.  Instead focusing on the negative, when you see or hear “Stupid Simple” think of a lightbulb going off above your head or yelling Eureka!  This isn’t about being stupid or thinking someone is stupid.  It’s all about the simplicity.

What platforms do you work with?

I work with custom websites, WordPress websites (NOT, Constant Contact, Aweber, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  

Do you guarantee my business will be listed on page one of Google or that I will get XX number of leads??

Absolutely not.  NO ONE CAN. Anyone who tells you they will guarantee page one placement on any search engine — run as quickly as you can from them.  It is literally impossible to guarantee that.  There are hundreds of algorithms Google, Bing, and others use to rank pages. There are many variables that go into lead generation.  I can’t guarantee a specific number. Keep scrolling to see what some of my past and current clients have to say about working with me.

What about Squarespace or Wix or Weebly?

Two words: hell and no.  Hold on!  Don’t leave in a huff just yet.  I have several really good reasons for not working with those platforms.  1. They suck at SEO, 2. They suck at page speed, 3. They are VERY limited in their coding capabilities, 4. Their behind-the-scenes coding is extremely bloated, and 5. They operate off of templates.  I don’t do templates. I will do my best to get you off those platforms and onto something that is much more business friendly AND an ROI-friendly platform.

What DO you guarantee?

I guarantee that IF you follow my advice, don’t cut corners, and follow through on the required tasks, you WILL see lead and revenue growth.  My magic wand only has so  much magic.  There’s a lot of magic that comes from you.  It’s my job to grab hold of that magic and show you how to use it.

Client Reviews

What people say

Picture of Lisa Bonner, Website Fairy Godmother

Hey Action-Takers!!  My name is Lisa Bonner. 

That’s the “real” me over there on the left (or top, depending on your view).  I know what you’re thinking too.

Yes.  Those curls are natural. 😉 

I’ve been teaching and coaching website design and marketing for more than 20 years.  My clients started out as corporate businesses and state agencies, including a prison system!  

After a few years of freelance consulting, I transitioned into smaller clients, coaching small businesses how to turn their “brochure” websites into profitable marketing machines.  

Today, my focus is helping action-taking women coaches/ entrepreneurs build their digital empire through client attraction (mindset marketing) and growth-driven website design/ marketing.

A Little More About Lisa...

Don’t let the silliness of the fonts, colors, and Bitmoji’s on this website fool you.  I take your business (and mine) very serious.

But, come on.  Does it have to be boring?  I don’t think so.  I’d rather have fun building my empire.  Wouldn’t you?  Building websites for client attraction, for growth, and for your perfect client tends to get a little dry.  That’s where humor, fun, and color comes into play. 

Sometimes I swear (like a sailor).  Sometimes, my clients don’t get my dad jokes or corny humor.  (Ok, I swear more than just sometimes.)

Gimme a break — I’m a child of the 80s. 😉 

What all this really comes down to is this: our lives are stressful enough. Our business shouldn’t add to that stress.  Our business shouldn’t feel like a J.O.B.

Right?  Have fun dancing to the beat of your drum.  I do.  

To see my credentials, keep scrolling. 

I’d love to chat with you!  Shoot me a message and tell me about your personal quirks!

The Credentials

I am certified in the following: HTML, CSS, PHP, Email Marketing, Inbound & Outbound Marketing, Technical Writing/Training, Google SEO, UX Design, and as a Business Coach.  I participate in continuing education  — all the time.  My certifications are updated annually.  

My career began in 1996, at which time I dropped out of college. (Gasp!)  I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 6, selling Girl Scout cookies and later, babysitting.  I’m now 48.  Really.  I am.

My adolescent and early teen years were spent with the best Girl Scout troop in the entire world!  Girls Scouts is where I learned about entrepreneurship (did someone say Thin Mints?), how to be an independent woman who could do anything, how to not freeze my ass off when camping in the winter, and most of all, I learned to never give up no matter what life had to throw at me.

So, if you find any of that fascinating or you are tired of your website (or lack of one) just sitting there, on the internet, like a digital paperweight, we should chat.  Like, yesterday.

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