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The Biggest Website Design Myth Ever

Biggest Website Design Myth EVER

Before I was a marketer, I began as a web designer.  (Today, I am a website designer who builds websites for marketing.)

And like many who are just starting a service business, I wrangled my first few clients by charging next to nothing.

Serving clients with tiny budgets who needed a website built for dirt cheap (but wanted it to be the best thing since sliced bread)

And because I wanted to make a name for myself, I put everything I had into each website.

Spending hours improving my skills. Going through hundreds of tutorials. Spending thousands of dollars on college.

(My business mentor would be ashamed at how low my effective hourly rate was…)

The Biggest Website Design Myth

And as I completed project after project, I started noticing a pattern…

Almost every single client had the same mindset: “Build It, And They Will Come”

Like they’d all taken business advice from the movie Field of Dreams.

Which was a problem.

Because if you’re relying on movie magic to bring you throngs of customers… You’re doomed.

When I started out, I was just happy to get paid to be “techie” and make something pretty.

But soon I was getting frustrated and disillusioned.

Though clients loved them, I knew that just building a website wasn’t going to be enough. With the wrong strategy, they weren’t going to see results that really mattered (i.e. revenue).

Very few had a real strategic plan to bring the right people to their website. Instead, they expected that once they had a freelancer set it up, people would find it all by themselves…

(fun fact: there are an estimated 1.5 billion websites on the web right now. That’s 1 website for every 5 people on the planet)

The reality is that it’s NOT (and can’t be) the market’s job to find you and your business.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to find them.

That’s why I started diving deep into marketing and sales and learning everything I could about promoting a business.

Soon, I was getting real-life practice.

Along with the tech stuff I was doing for clients, I began writing copy. Tuning up sales pages. Running Facebook Ads.

Finally, I was getting real bottom-line results for clients.

And it became clear how important good marketing is… not just setting up tech the right way.

I see this in Facebook groups all the time. People complaining that their website or tech is what’s stopping them from getting customers.

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But I promise you right now…

If you get the right offer with the right words in front of the right people who believe you can help them, tech isn’t what’s stopping them from buying from you.

No one’s going, “Oh man, if only you had the right website with the right email automation sequence with the right segmentation parameters, then I would totally buy.”

Nope. People are desperate to get their problems solved.

Ultimately a lack of sales comes down to the fundamentals…

Because enough people need to have the problem you solve. And you need to be able to reach them.

Because you need to be able to connect their problem to your solution in a clear and compelling way. Otherwise, you get ignored.

Framing & Difference
Because you (probably) aren’t the only option they have for solving their problem. So you need to make it crystal clear why you’re different and why you’re the best choice—for them specifically—over other options.

Irresistible Offer
Because people need a reason to take action now, and not later. And also because buying from a stranger on the internet is a bit scary. The right offer helps override this fear.

Because people need to believe you can deliver the result. And because no one wants to be the first (especially if they don’t already trust you).

And if your marketing is missing one or more of these ingredients, getting customers online is going to be that much more difficult.

So the question is…

Are you going to continue with the biggest website design myth ever, or do you want a website that is a revenue-generating machine?

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Lisa Bonner

Lisa Bonner

Website Coach/Designer with more than 20 years of experience building profitable websites for un-tech-savvy businesswomen. Lisa is proudly owned by her rescue pup, Buddy and loves cookies. All cookies. When she's not working, she's working on home improvement projects or cooking.

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