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Create a Website Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Create a Website Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps - Website Fairy GodmotherDo you ever stop and wonder why promoting your business sometimes feels so hard?

You have awesome products and/or services that help others. There are plenty of people who are looking for what you offer.

So why is it a struggle to consistently get new clients?

Most business owners I talk to on discovery calls have a scattered marketing approach or none at all. Say what??

Before we get started …

The prerequisite for creating a website marketing plan is knowing who you are marketing to.

Creating an ideal client persona is the foundation upon which all your marketing is built. Does your foundation have cracks?

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What problems do you solve?
  • Where do they congregate?
  • How are you going to reach them?

If you need to do some research in that department. Stop. Get Clear NOW.

You must be crystal clear on who it is you serve and the urgent problem you solve for them, or your website marketing plan won’t work.

So let’s break down how to create a marketing plan into 5 simple steps.

Create a Website Marketing Plan that Gets Leads that Convert:

  1. Targeted traffic
  2. Marketing funnel
  3. Conversion mechanism
  4. Lead magnet
  5. Irresistible offer

Creating a Website Marketing Plan

1. Create Your Irresistible Offer:

We need to begin with the end in mind; your offer. What are you selling? This can be either a service you provide or a product. Design an offer that tick’s the box on all three of the items below:

  • Irresistible: In times like these, we don’t want to focus on selling a yacht to people needing a life-boat. What are your clients really needing now? For example, if you’re a financial advisor and you currently have a “Retirement Freedom” plan, your clients may be more enticed by a “Rapid Retirement Rescue” package. (It will most likely include the same steps, as your regular offer, but repackage it for today’s market.)
  • Scaleable: If possible, I recommend that your offer is something you can scale. It should take the same amount of work for you to deliver it to 100 people or 1 person.
  • Profitable: I also recommend your offer is high-enough priced to that you can afford to use paid ads to promote it. (Don’t skimp on this if you want to create a marketing plan that can run on autopilot!)

2. Design Your Lead Magnet:

Your lead magnet is a free offer you give to your leads in exchange for their email address. This is the front door of your marketing funnel. You will want your lead magnet to:

  • Be a Solution: Your lead magnet needs to solve an urgent problem your potential clients are dealing with. Targeting a problem that is causing them pain or stress in some part of their life and business.
  • Provide a Quick Win: Giving them a quick win will build their confidence in you, your process, and themselves. They need to believe “this will work for me.” Helping them to achieve a quick win is the easiest way to show them it will!
  • Leave a Gap: This step is very important. It is often the reason some lead magnets work and others don’t. You want your lead magnet to solve a problem and give them a quick win. You also want to make sure you’re not giving away too much. Think of your lead magnet as a band-aid solution. It’s going to give them some relief but it won’t take away their problem completely. The tendency with many business owners is to provide so much value that the client thinks they can figure it out on their own. When this happens, they think they don’t need your service or product. To avoid this trap, I recommend you only give them the why and the what in your lead magnet. They need to purchase your offer to get the “how.”

3. Create Your Conversion Mechanism:

How are you going to turn your new leads into paying clients? This is called your conversion mechanism. There are lots of ways to do this, the most popular among my clients who provide a high-ticket product or service is a sales call. In other situations, a webinar or video sales letter may be a great option.

Let’s talk about the sales call for a minute … Don’t just hop on a call with people without a plan to make that call both valuable to them and profitable for you! Ask questions, dig deep, and then give them your prescription to help them get the results they are after!

4. Build Your Marketing Funnel:

This is one of the most common mistakes people make – they work hard to drive traffic to a website that doesn’t have a funnel to convert that traffic into clients. You need a funnel when developing a marketing plan for today’s online environment. A basic lead generation funnel consists of 3 pages …

  1. Landing Page – This is the page where you tell people about your free offer and give them a form they can use to enter their name and email.  
  2. Confirmation/Sales Page – This is the page they are taken to immediately after opting in. You want to maximize this page by giving them the next step they should take to solve their problem. You could include an invitation to book a call with you, send them to a webinar registration, or give them an offer to buy a product.
  3. Thank You Page – This is the page where you give your new lead the free gift they just requested. At the same time as they’re redirected to the confirmation page, trigger an automated email from your email marketing platform to give them a link to this page.  Something else to do with the Thank you page?  Upsell a lower ticket offer or invite them to join your Facebook group. Don’t let good marketing space go to waste.

5. Targeted Traffic:

This is where a lot of people struggle. They go to all the hard work and effort of creating amazing offers. They design a lead magnet and plan their conversion method. And they build their funnel. Then, they sit back and wait for it to work.

A marketing funnel is not an “if you build it they will come” project. You need to fill your funnel with visitors, which we refer to as website traffic. Building a funnel without a steady stream of traffic is like never putting gas in your car. You’re going to be frustrated it’s not getting you anywhere.

My recommendation is to fill your funnel with a simple Facebook ad or a series of scheduled posts to your Group.! It will allow you to promote your lead magnet to your targeted audience of ideal clients. That way you’re able to keep your funnel full even if you’re busy doing other things.

So there you have it! My Create a Website Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps.  Are you ready to build your Website Marketing Plan?  Let’s Chat!

Lisa Bonner

Lisa Bonner

Website Coach/Designer with more than 20 years of experience building profitable websites for un-tech-savvy businesswomen. Lisa is proudly owned by her rescue pup, Buddy and loves cookies. All cookies. When she's not working, she's working on home improvement projects or cooking.

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