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Website Tech Support Magic Wand

Does your website trigger bouts of paralyzing anxiety or fits of frustrated anger? 

If you answered a resounding YES!, then you just might need a website tech support magic wand.

Website Technical Support Magic Wand

You’ve been a coach for a while.  Years, even. You finally dove in and started your website. 

You’re trying to do all the things those website gurus have been hawking: setting up your pages, installing a mailing list, and adding a payment method. 

But, you are stuck. You don’t know what to do.  Tech support from your host or that free platform doesn’t really cover this kind of thing.

So, you start hitting up Facebook groups.  Support forums.  Reddit.   

Now you’re just as confused as you were beforehand. 

And you have absolutely no idea what to do next.  

If only there were some magic wand that could fix all these things for you…

Website Tech Support Magic Wand Case Study

Picture of Janice D., Business CoachMeet Janice D.  She’s been an un-tech-savvy business start-up coach for the last 25 years. Not long ago, Janice decided to add another element to her practice, online group coaching programs.

She belongs to her local BNI group and they told her to go to and build her website.  “It’s soooo easy!” They said.

Well, to make a long story short, Janice did get started just like it was recommended to her.  (WordPress DOES make it really easy to start a website or blog for free, really easily, but it’s really not the way to go if you want people to take you and your business seriously.)

What they didn’t tell her is this: 

  1. She didn’t own her site.  WordPress did.  That meant WordPress could shut her down at any time, for any reason.
  2. She had to have at least a little website design knowledge. (Which she didn’t.)
  3. She couldn’t sell anything.  
  4. She didn’t have anyone to turn to for help, other than a generic support forum.

After a few months of some serious trial and lots of PITA (pain in the @ss) errors, constantly struggling, and many frustrated frown lines and late-night vent-fests in a Facebook group, Janice was finally directed to me by one of her business friends.

You see, what Janice really needed was not a website.  She needed a robust, dynamic tool to capture leads and convert those leads into paying customers.  Janice knew all the right things to “say” about her program, she just needed help getting that onto a lead-collecting, revenue-generating website.

Within 48 hours, I got Janice set up with

  1. a third-party feature-rich web host (for less than $35/year!), 
  2. her own domain name (for less than $10/year!), and
  3. a website “shell” she could plug her content and images into.

Over the next week or so, I set up and installed:

  1. a payment system,
  2. an email marketing system to curate and segment leads and orders, and 
  3. sales and thank-you pages all designed to convert!

Everything was done by explaining, in everyday terms, exactly what needed to be done, how to do it in the most economical way, and then training Janice exactly how to use her website and the tools it contained.

Here’s what Janice had to say once we had everything up and running:

“Lisa truly is a Website Fairy Godmother!  Her patience, caring, and ability to make an old lady like me understand the back-side of websites was worth every penny I spent.  What I spent months trying to create, Lisa fixed and set up for me in a matter of days.  Everything works like a magic wand was waved over it!  I’m getting more leads than ever, and my first two programs sold out!  All thanks to Lisa’s simplified expertise!”

Are YOU tired of struggling with your website?  

Sick of fighting with the website tech?

What are you waiting for?  Let me take all those headaches away and let you get back to what you do best– running your business!

Website Fairy Godmother (TM) Site Icon Image

Let me wave my Website Tech Support Magic Wand!

Schedule your no-obligation discovery chat today so you can stop with the frown lines and start making your website work FOR you!

Lisa Bonner

Lisa Bonner

Website Coach/Designer with more than 20 years of experience building profitable websites for un-tech-savvy businesswomen. Lisa is proudly owned by her rescue pup, Buddy and loves cookies. All cookies. When she's not working, she's working on home improvement projects or cooking.

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